Nyerere National Park Fees & Safari Cost Tanzania

Nyerere National Park is found in the southern part of Tanzania and the largest Game Park in the country. Just like any other Park in the country, the Nyerere Park has park fees that are paid by every tourist in order to be able to gain entrance into the Park and this is one of the factors that contribute to the cost of your safari to the Nyerere Park.

Park fees

There are various park fees that are paid in the Nyerere National park and below is a list of some of the fees you will be expected to pay while on your safari. Note that the fees stated below are tentative to change anytime due to various reasons and it is best if you first contact your tour operator to find out the current park fees to Selous.


Non- residents refer to foreign tourists/ visitors that do not reside within Tanzania.

East African citizens refer to Tanzanian citizens with a valid National ID, citizens from Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi and Uganda who have valid passports.

Residents refer to people who live within Tanzania and have proper and valid documentation from the government of Tanzania regardless of their nationality.

  • Entrance fees

Children below 5 years do not pay any Park fees while on a safari to the Park.

  • Non residents

Adults                                       $50

Students                                   $30

Children (5 to 15 years)         $30

  • Residents

Adults                                        $50

Students                                    $30

Children (5 to 15)                     $30

  • East African Citizens

Adults                                      Tsh5, 000

Students                                  Tsh3, 000

Children (5 to 15 years)        Tsh3, 000

  1. Camping fees
  • Non residents

Public campsites        children pay $20 and adults pay $30 per night

Private campsites      children pay $30 and adults pay $50 per night

  • East African citizens

Public campsites        children pay Tsh3, 000 and adults pay Tsh5, 000 per night

Private campsites      children pay Tsh5, 000 and adults pay Tsh10, 000 per night

  • Residents

Public campsites        children pay $20 and adults pay $30 per night

Private campsites      children pay $30 and adults pay $50 per night

  • Concession fees

These are paid if the visitor is staying within the National Park.

  • Non residents

Adults                                       $25

Students                                   $15

Children (5 to 15 years)         $15

  • Residents

Adults                                       $25

Students                                   $15

Children (5 to 15 years)         $15

  • East African citizens

Adults                                       Tsh5. 000

Students                                   Tsh3, 000

Children (5 to 15 years)         Tsh3, 000

Other park fees that need to be paid include the following:

  • Vehicle fees, these highly depend on the type of vehicle you are driving and the heaviness of the weight being carried.
  • Additional activities fees, these are paid for the extra activities that one would want to include in their itinerary. Some of these activities include hot air balloon rides, filming fees and many more others.
  • Airplane landing fees

The air plane landing fees are paid per single landing made and it depends on the type of craft you are using and the number of people in it.

Local registered aircraft                                    maximum of 4 people pays Tsh40, 000

From 5-12 people Tsh50, 0000

From 13 people and above Tsh70, 000


Foreign registered aircraft                                maximum of 4 people pays $100

From 5-12 people $150

From 13 people and above $300

Scheduled flights (with Selous)                        4 people Tsh50, 000

From5-12 people Tsh60, 000

From 13 people and above Tsh80, 000

Other factors that can affect the cost of your safari to Nyerere are:

  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Laundry costs
  • Personal shopping

tanzania zebra

Safari cost to Nyerere (Selous)

A safari cost to Nyerere is affected by numerous factors some of which have been stated below:

  • The season

Nyerere experiences two seasons and these are the wet and dry season. The dry season also known as the peak season is experienced from June to October is the best season for tourists who love game drives because this is the time when the animals converge around the waterholes in the Park especially the river Rufiji. During the dry season, the cost on everything is increased especially accommodation making the safari cost a high one during this time.

The wet season is experienced between November and April and during this time the Park receives a lot of rainfall which sometimes causes floods leading to the closure of some of the accommodation facilities in the Game Reserve. The wet season has fewer visitors as compared to the dry season and the tour operators reduce on the cost of the safari during this time.

  • Duration

The time spent on a safari in Nyerere also greatly affects the cost of a safari in Selous. The more days spent on a safari the more you are going to spend and fewer days mean that you will be spending less on your safari.

  • Accommodation

There are three types of accommodation facilities which are found in the Nyerere National Park and these are the basic accommodation facilities, the mid-range accommodation facilities and the luxury accommodation facilities. The basic and mid-range accommodation facilities are good for tourists who are travelling on a low budget and the luxury facilities are for those that do not have a limitation to their budget.

  • Transport means

There are three types of transport means that you can use to get to Nyerere and the one you choose will determine how much you are going to spend when it comes to costs.

  • The first one is air transport; there are flights that can be arranged from Dar es Salaam to the different airstrip around Nyerere but note that this is the most expensive way to travel to the Park.
  • Railway transport, this is another way of tourists getting to the Nyerere and although it will take you a lot of time to get there, it is considered to be the cheapest way of travelling to the Park.
  • The last one is road transport; this is the most commonly used mode of transport for tourists travelling to Selous. Tour vehicles are hired out and the drive from Dar es Salaam will take you about 6 to 7 hours. The park entrance fees to Nyerere are priced per vehicle and not per person.


  • Additional activities

The activities that are normally included game drives transport to and from the Park there are other activities that are carried out in the Park and the most common ones are the hot air balloon ride, village walks, boat rides and fishing excursions. Whoever wants to engage in these activities will pay extra money so that they can be arranged for them.

The park fees into Nyerere are classified into three categories for example Non-residents, Residents and East African Residents. The park fees are paid in the currency of USD ($) and this is done with cash at the gates of the Nyerere National Park although you can also use a master card to many payments. The park fees are paid per individual and they only apply for 24 hours.