Nyerere Luxury Safari Tanzania

A luxurious safari is just like any other safari but with more care given to the tourists from the tour operators as compared to the budget safaris. There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of a luxurious safari and these are the season, the accommodation chosen, the group size and the time that you will be spending on the safari. Luxurious safaris in Nyerere can be done all throughout the year because there are activities that are carried out in the Park from January to December. Some of that camps that you can use while on a luxury safari to Nyerere include the following:

  • Beho Beho lodge

The Beho Beho lodge is located in the northern part of the River Rufiji and one of the oldest lodges in the National Park. It is a luxury lodge with rooms offering a clear view of the Rufiji River, the animals and birds all which can be seen in the confines of your room. They have air conditioning, good food, room service and en-suite bathrooms offering you all the comfort that you need while on your safari.

  • The Mbuyu safari camp

The Mbuyu camp which is near the banks of River Rufiji is the perfect place for tourists who love their privacy. The 16 tented camps found in Mbuyu have twin beds which are shared by the tourists and you can be able to see some of the wildlife while in the vicinity of your rooms. They have an outdoor shower and an en-suite bathroom plus air conditioning which help with the heat.

  • Nyerere Serena camp

The Serena camp is part of the Serena hotels and one of the luxurious camps that you can use while on a safari to Nyerere Game Reserve.

  • The Mivumo River camp

The Mivumo River camp is found near the banks of the River Rufiji and is one of the best camps in the park. Previously owned by an individual, it was a moderate camp with good rooms and at the moment luxurious facilities are being introduced by the new owners who are the Serena group. It still has its former touch and you will not regret staying here.

  • The sand Rivers Nyerere

The sand Rivers lodge is one of the oldest and most luxurious accommodation facilities in Nyerere. It has luxurious open rooms which have a clear view of the River Rufiji and the animals along its banks.


hippo nyerere

2 Days Nyerere luxury safari

The Nyerere Game Reserve is located in the southern Part of Tanzania and it is the largest Game Reserve in Tanzania and of recent its name has been changed to Nyerere National Park. It was declared a UNESCO heritage site due to the undisturbed nature surrounding it and the vast wildlife that is hosted within the Park. The park can be explored using game drives, walking safaris or riding a boat along the River Rufiji.

The 2 days luxury safari will enable you explore the Park to the fullest with an experienced tour guide and the best services.

Cost                          $1150

Group size               2 people

Transportation       4×4 vehicle and a chartered flight to the airstrip

Duration                  2 days and 1 night

Day 1: Zanzibar to Nyerere National Park

We will fly from Zanzibar to the Beho Beho airstrip which is found within the Park. We will get to Nyerere at around 9:00am and put our things in our room at the Beho Beho lodge and then get into our 4×4 vehicles and start our game drive through the Park. Our first stop will be at the banks of the River Rufiji where most of the animals can easily be spotted like crocodiles, antelopes, hippos, buffalos, lions, wild dogs, warthogs, hyenas, elephants, zebras, wildebeests, zebras and many more others. We return to the camp in the late afternoon to freshen up as we wait for the dinner that is served by the chef. You can have your dinner either at the River bank or at the dining area.

Day 2: Nyerere to Zanzibar

We will wake up early in the morning and start on our game drive for the day. We shall start with a birding excursion and then drive around the Park in search of new game to view. We will have our packed lunch at a selected picnic site and then go for a boat ride for an hour along the Rufiji River before driving back to the airstrip where we will catch our flight back to Zanzibar.