Hotels & Lodges in Nyerere National Park Tanzania

 Nyerere Safari Camps & Lodges

As one plans for a safari to Selous, one of the first things that they will think about is the accommodation that they will use while on the safari. There are a lot of accommodation facilities that you can use and these can range between the tented lodges and the camps. Some of these are found inside the National park whereas others are outside the National Park.

Each accommodation facility has its own pricing which changes due to different factors but the main one being the seasons. During the peak season (June to October), most accommodation facilities hike their prices due to the high number of tourists that are found in the Park and during the wet season (November to April), some close down due to floods while others reduce the prices.

The largest number of accommodation facilities in Nyerere is found in the Northern part of the National Park however there are those that are found in other parts and have a great view of the wildlife in the Park.

The Nyerere National Park has slot of accommodation facilities that you can use while here and these are placed into three categories which have been listed below:

  • Budget friendly accommodation facilities
  • Mid-range accommodation facilities
  • Luxury accommodation facilities

It has accommodation facilities like the Rufiji River camp, the Amara Selous, the Siwandu safari camp, Retreat Selous, Kiba point Safari lodge, the Jimbiza lodge, Mbuyu safari camp and many more others. The choice will be yours and your budget will determine which type of accommodation facility you will go for. Most of the accommodation facilities in Nyerere are found near major waterholes because it allows tourists to have a clear view of the wildlife.

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Where to stay in the Nyerere National Park 

Beho Beho lodge

The Beho Beho lodge is found in the Northern part of the Rufiji River and is one of the best lodges in the reserve. It was the first lodge to be set up in the Nyerere National Park and it is a luxury lodge with some of the best services that is good self-contained rooms, food, privacy, a good view of the Park and 24/7 room service. It is not found near the River which you gives you all the privacy that you will need after a long day of driving through the Park. All meals are provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus some other extra activities.

The Siwandu camp

Overlooking the Rufiji River is the famous Siwandu camp with 9 luxurious tents that offer you all that you need. The tents have en-suite bathrooms and an outside shower as well, all meals that is breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and its location offers the best sightings of the lions that live within the Park.

The Mbuyu safari camp

The Mbuyu safari camp is located near the River Rufiji and is surrounded by a thick forest. It offers tourists some of the best views of the River and you get to see some animals as they roam around the camp. The camp has 16 tented chalets which will be shared among the tourists since each of them has twin beds and an en-suite bathroom. The tents offer one privacy and you are provided with a torch and whistle to use in case of emergencies.

The sable Mountain lodge

Named after the sable antelope which is found in the Park, the lodge is found in the North western part of the National park and was constructed on two hills overlooking the Mountainous scenery. It has 5 tented rooms and 6 stone cottages that offer the tourists the privacy needed and a good view of the national Park from your rooms. They have a bar, swimming pool and en-suite bathrooms.

Lake Manze tented camp

Lake Manze tented camp is one of the best camps to stay in while on a safari to Selous. It was constructed along the elephant way making it easy for tourists to get a clear and close vies of the elephants as they wade through the camp. It is also located in a very good spot where you can see animals like lions, the wild dogs and leopards among other. Due to its close proximity to the wildlife hot spot in the Park, it is advisable that you do not move out of your tents at night.

The sand Rivers Selous

This is one of the oldest lodges in Nyerere and it is considered to be one of the best places to stay in while on your safari. It has luxurious open rooms which have a clear view of the River Rufiji and the animals along its banks.

The Impala tented camp

The Impala tented camp is located along the banks of the River Rufiji with about 6 tents in total. The tents at Rufiji are well decorated and luxurious in their own way to keep the tourists calm and comfortable. Its location guarantees a clear view of the animals around River Rufiji especially the lions.

The Kiba point safari lodge

The Kiba lodge is found in the south eastern part of Nyerere National Park along the banks of River Rufiji. It is the perfect place for couples and families due to its private and exclusive nature which is far away from the rest of the camps and lodges. They take on a maximum of 8 people who are shared among the 4 luxurious tented camps and due to its small nature the rooms are well catered for by the welcoming staff. For those that would want to relax after a game drive, there is a private plunge pool for relaxation. The rooms have an en-suite bathroom, outside shower and ceiling fans and you get to enjoy private camping plus other activities offered at the lodge.

Selous Serena camp

This is one of the luxurious camps in Nyerere with a wide range of luxurious rooms which are designed in a Victorian manner. The services here will all be luxurious from the food, the private rooms that have en-suite bathrooms and the bar where you can relax after a long day of touring the National Park. The price might be a little high but it will be worth the care you get here.

Mivumo River camp

The Mivumo River camp is nestled along the banks of the River Rufiji and is one of the best camps in the park. Previously owned by an individual, it was a moderate camp with good rooms and at the moment luxurious facilities are being introduced by the new owners who are the Serena group. It still has its former touch and you will not regret staying here.

Maji Moto 

The Maji Moto offers the best wildlife experience in the Nyerere National Park. It is a mobile camp which will take you to the different parts of the National park all throughout your safari.

Azura Selous

The Azura Nyerere which was formerly known as the Amara Nyerere is a luxurious camp which is found in the western part of the National Park. The camps have air conditioning and despite the tragic past of it being a hunting block for animals, it still offers tourists good rooms and it is known to be the best facility for those taking a photo safari in Selous.

Please note that these are not the only accommodation facilities that are found in Nyerere but we have just listed a few of them so that you can get a picture of what to expect of the accommodation in Selous.