Packing list for a safari in Nyerere National Park Tanzania

Generally packing for an African safari seems like the easiest thing to do but it is not as easy as it looks since whatever you pack will depend on the time that you plan on visiting the continent and the same theory applies to packing for Nyerere National Park. Nyerere National Park formerly known as the Selous Game Reserve is found in the southern part of Tanzania. It is the largest game reserve in the country and was recently named a UNESCO Heritage site due to the wide range of animals and undisturbed nature found within the National Park.

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The packing list

This packing list is here to guide you on what to pack but it does not necessarily mean that these are the only things you should bring with you while on your safari.


The clothes that you pack will depend on the time that you are going to visit Selous. The National Park experiences two major seasons that is the dry season and the wet season and each season has different activities that are carried out. The dry season is experienced in the months of June to October and the wet season is experienced in the months of November to December. These seasons and the activities that are carried out within this period are some of the determinants of what you should pack for your safari in the Nyerere National park.

  • Clothes, the clothes that you will need for your safari to Selous include long sleeved shirts and pants, light clothes, a hat, scarf, hike boots and at night you will need some warm clothes since it tends to get cold. During the wet season, you will need a rain coat, a jacket, some pyjamas and any heavy clothing that will keep you warm.
  • Shoes, you will need good hiking boots and shoes in both the dry and wet season if you plan on taking a walk through the Park. flip flops are good if you are at the beach or swimming pool and don’t forget you need to be as casual as possible in whatever you choose to bring on your safari.


These are personal items that are needed for your day to day safari in the Nyerere National Park. You will need to carry your own toiletries like toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorants, bathing soap, toothpaste, a hair brush, shampoo (small size), lotions, sunscreen, insect repellent, underwear and many more. When packing for the toiletries, you need to make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit set by Tanzania.


Personal medication especially if it is recommended by your doctor is a must if you are to travel to Selous for a safari. Since you will be practically living in the bush there are tabs that are a must and these include the anti-malarial tabs and diarrhoea tabs plus the ones that are recommended by your physician.



Gadgets will be part of your day to day activities while on a safari to Nyerere National park. Some of the important gadgets you should go with include binoculars, cameras, a travel adapter plug and extra batteries for your camera, a laptop and many others. Selous has type G and type D plugs which you should put into consideration when carrying a travel adapter plug. The binoculars will help with viewing of the animals and birds that are far away and the cameras will help with capturing the moments forever.